Up4 Scheduling App

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Up4 was a Facebook app I worked on while at ActiveState. It was a casual hang-out enabler meant to complement Facebook’s native event system. It was a passive approach to getting friends together – you’d list when you were up for certain activities, and friends could join if they were interested. I was responsible for all of the visual design, markup and illustrations. Here’s a few selected screens.

Calendar View

This was the main view of what you were up for. We divided the day into sections keep the events more flexible. You could click anywhere on the calendar to start creating a new “up for”.

Creating an Up4

Once you made an event, other friends you’d invited to the app could find it on the “what your friends are up for” tab and join in.”

Up4 Details

Examining an up4, you’d be able to see who joined, have a discussion with other participants and also share with Facebook friends who you think might also be interested.

Facebook profile box

You could choose to include this Up4 box on your Facebook page. This would allow friends who weren’t Up4 users (yet!) to see what you were up for and join in.

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