Hey buds, sup player


I’ve received quite a few comments and emails asking if I’d print this design on a shirt. I caved to the pressure, and now you can…

…buy it on a T-shirt!

Get it at my RedBubble store! →


  1. Sarah Wex


    I’ll buy it.

  2. Brad Touesnard

    Hah! Good work baller!

  3. Justin Ray

    Awesome work! They should print it for sure. If not Threadless, someone else!

  4. Steve Tan

    Hilarious idea! Love it.

  5. Michelle

    Hi! Totally love this… not even sure how I stumbled upon your page!! I was wondering if you’d make this available for a wallpaper version? It’s totally epic!

  6. james

    hey! can you let me know if this shirt becomes available somewhere — i’ll definitely buy one.


  7. Bjarke


    Where will the T-shirt be sold? I’ll be waiting first in line (no, seriously).

  8. Bjarke

    Oh by the way, wrapping it around the shirt somehow is a really good idea. Makes the shirt a lot more dynamic! You should do that!

  9. dcusher2006

    That is awesome! I would definitely buy that t-shirt or hoodie.

    Also I really like the idea of the wire going all the way around the shirt.

  10. K

    I freakin love this dude. Great job! I was hoping it was a shirt, I’ll wait until it is hahaha. :D Be checkin back!

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  12. Bryce

    When is the shirt coming out? I want this shirt!

  13. Nicole

    Aww this is too cute ! :D

  14. Lisa

    Hi! I posted this on threadless too, but I would love to get this for my bf for his birthday. he absolutely loves this picture. is it going to be made into a t-shirt soon or could we work something out?
    Thank you!! :D

  15. Lisa

    Hi Luke,
    Went to your Etsy store, but can’t find the shirt :( Saw it there a few weeks / months ago… Can I still buy a shirt? Please let me know! Thanks : )

  16. Karen

    Are you still making this shirt? I really want one, but I know I’m about two years two late!

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