Mobile Page Builder UI

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Affectionately dubbed “Lando” on our team here at Vibes, this app first started out as a mobile landing page builder, and later expanded to support the new iOS Passbook format. Through an iterative process that included lots of internal user feedback and observation, I designed the front-end alongside the UX Director and helped implement the front-end code.

The Overview Page

This page shows all recently edited and created pages and offers for the current user. Our Client Services team here manages pages and offers for a lot of our clients, so it was important for them to see the most recent stuff they worked on.

Items are organized by companies, and users can create folders within a company to keep things organized.

The Page Builder

This is the WYSIWYG editor for building mobile pages. Users have access to a variety of editable components that they can stack and rearrange vertically on a mobile page.

The Builder in Action

Here you can see how easy it is to build and publish the page above with this tool.

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