Magic card art cover

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I’ve been playing a bit of magic again, and loving the awesome artwork. I did a cover of one the cards I liked this morning. It’s a work in progress. Things to remember:
  • Use a low opacity brushes to slowly build up colour
  • Try to find a better way to paint the background, large protoshop brushes leave their telltale signs (especially with lowered opacity)
I’m happy with it so far. Right now the city in the background and the wizard pretty much share the same colour scheme. I should try to differentiate that a little bit to bring him to the forefront. Maybe I can do some out of focus type blur for the background. I had trouble mimicking the range of colours in the spirit thing from the original. There’s some yellow / beige / peach / green / blue in there and it all somehow fits together. Something to keep working on. Here’s the original:

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