Interactive Sign In Page


When redesigning the Vibes Sign In page, one of the concepts I came up with was a threaded SMS-style conversation. Vibes is all about mobile so it seemed fitting. Try it out, it has a very rudimentary capacity to carry (a pretty boring) conversation about signing you in. Bonus points if you get the hunter 2 reference.

Click the Boring Sign In link at the bottom see a static version of the final design.

Try out the Prototype Use Firefox – It’s going to look terrible otherwise!


  1. Brad Touesnard

    Looks awesome dude. Love the concept. The only thing I’d change would be to have the Lost password? a link, rather than having to type it in.

  2. Flukeout

    Thanks man! Is that because you wouldn’t be able to see if you’re typing “forgot” correctly? I figured if you hands were already on the keyboard it might be easier to keep on typing. It would also be a problem is your password *was* “forgot” hehe.

  3. Kristina Stewart

    That is freaking cool! I love it!!!

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