I was drawing some pigs for Donna’s mom, overdosed on cuteness, and came up with Griswald.


And here are the cute ones:



  1. jray

    That is one fine piece of hog! Well drawn.

  2. jray

    The cute ones look like they should be cookies. Make some cookie cutters and sell them :) Big money! Big money!

  3. mouse

    looking forward to hearing “the TRUE story about the three little pigs and Griswald”!

  4. Brad

    w00t! Bring on the crazy ass drawings!

    The Griswald is a dirty sock demon that emerges from the hamper of filthy clothing the day before laundry day. He is difficult to spot, but sometimes you can catch a glimpse of him scurrying off fiendishly with a sock or two. If two, never of the same kind of course. This is how happy pairs of socks are separated and become orphans.

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