Free Weather Icons


I made these weather icons several months ago with the intent on posting them on iStockphoto as paid downloads. It started taking too long to get them just right, so I bailed on the project before finishing the whole set. So instead, you can have them for free!

Download the Illustrator File

I’ll slap some kind of Creative Commons license on these later. IIRC – it’s the one that says “use this as you will for whatever reason you want, but give me credit somewhere” kind. Preferrably with a link to this site. Cheers!


  1. nic

    Hi Luke, I love your stuff! I’m a scientist and I give talks to school children about the physics behind making clouds and rainbows and lightning (trying to show them on all the explosions they’re missing out on if they don’t listen in science ;) ).

    I was wondering whether it would be cool with you if I put one of these graphics on a t-shirt to give to the kids who volunteer to come up and help me on stage? I’d credit you at the end of the talk with the designs of course! No worries if that’s not cool, let me know if poss! And keep up the awesomeness! :)

  2. Christopher Shireman

    Luke, I liked your icons so much that I decided to put them in my new iPhone weather app. I’m going to give you credit in the app and link back to your site, as requested. Great work!

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