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Twitter and Text Voting UI

One of the cool features of the Catapult platform I work on at Vibes is the ability to run multi-channel (Twitter, Text & Web) vote campaigns. This is the vote campaign UI that I helped design and implement.

Creating a New Vote Campaign

We tried a few different approaches for the Create step, but found that a single-page layout where all of the aspects of vote were visible at once resonated best with users.

Viewing a Vote in Progress

All aspects of a vote-in-progress are (undemocratically) editable. We made the question and results most prominent and gave users the ability to filter the graph and results by channel. branding, site & illustrations

I did some work for a friend’s startup It’s a cloud-based data storage and manipulation platform. It’s like having a dumptruck to take your data back and forth from the cloud! I went with an origami theme for this one.

The site is just one long sign-up page, but the header follows you around as you scroll. You can also click the invite button to scroll down to the email sign up.

Time-aware Homepage

I alternate between Chrome and Firefox pretty often and one thing that annoys me is that I’ve got different bookmarks in each browser. Another thing is that depending on the time and day, I’d like different bookmarks to be more prominent. Chrome’s New Tab page is pretty handy in this regard, but it always shows me the same stuff and often lists one site multiple times.

To get out of this first-world quandry, I built a homepage that opens when I open any browser (and when I create a new tab) and shows me the bookmarks I’m most likely to need depending on the time and day.

How’s it work?

The top row are my always-on staples. Damn I love Google. The middle row is time-aware and only shows the bookmarks I want to see on the weekend. The faint bottom row are the rest of my bookmarks, lying in wait until their time to shine has come.

Each active bookmark has a letter below it, which I can press to launch that site.

Try it Out Should work in Firefox and Chrome

Change the day and time slider to see how the page looks at different times.

Sweet Flash Banners

Seems like Flash has become a dirty word on the web now, but one of the coolest parts of working at Future Shop was working on animated banners for product promotions. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Refresh the page to see the intro animations.

Satellite Radio

This was for the launch of Sirius and XM Satellite radio service in Canada.

XBOX 360 Release

This was for the launch of the XBOX 360.

Up4 Scheduling App

Up4 was a Facebook app I worked on while at ActiveState. It was a casual hang-out enabler meant to complement Facebook’s native event system. It was a passive approach to getting friends together – you’d list when you were up for certain activities, and friends could join if they were interested. I was responsible for all of the visual design, markup and illustrations. Here’s a few selected screens.

Calendar View

This was the main view of what you were up for. We divided the day into sections keep the events more flexible. You could click anywhere on the calendar to start creating a new “up for”.

Creating an Up4

Once you made an event, other friends you’d invited to the app could find it on the “what your friends are up for” tab and join in.”

Up4 Details

Examining an up4, you’d be able to see who joined, have a discussion with other participants and also share with Facebook friends who you think might also be interested.

Facebook profile box

You could choose to include this Up4 box on your Facebook page. This would allow friends who weren’t Up4 users (yet!) to see what you were up for and join in.