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Boytalk Logo

Last summer I played Softball on a team with a long-running history of hilarious team names. That year was no exception. I made our logo and we got these printed large and proud on our shirts and looked fab all season.

Vibes Dodgeball Team Shirt Logo

Design for the Vibes dodgeball team shirt. It was pretty hard to make a character out of a phone that looked like it could kick ass at dodgeball so I took a different approach.

The non-basic app icons falling off the phone are the logos of the other companies competing in the tournament.

Here’s the team all geared up.

Coffee Sherriff

I’ve been having too much coffee at work.

On a shirt

Here’s the design as it might appear on a shirt. I used a halftone pattern to fade out the sunshine rays and shadow.

Sad Coffee!

Hey buds, sup player

I’ve received quite a few comments and emails asking if I’d print this design on a shirt. I caved to the pressure, and now you can…

…buy it on a T-shirt!

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