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Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

He’s kind of fading now, but I’m still a fan. With this one I took more time to fill in the medium values. It was also a bit of a tough angle to get a good likeness from.

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida

One of my favourite MMA guys. Went after this one with an HB mechanical pencil only. It went pretty well but the darks could be darker.

Nick Diaz Portrait

Dusted off the pencils again to get after a portrait. Turned out alright, but I’m not too happy with the inconsistency in textures and stuff.

Portrait o’ my friend Donna

Another day another portrait. Sort of. I did this one in about three hours from a photo. Got lazy on the background. I used a grid to figure out the proportions etc.

Matt Parkman Portrait

Here’s another portrait. It’s Matt Parkman form the TV show Heroes. It took me about 6 hours total over about a week. I started saving some progress pictures, but they were so far from how it finally turned out that I didn’t bother. I’ll post the reference photo later.

Painted in Photoshop with some standard brushes.

Matt Parkman Portrait