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Twitter Animations

This thing grabs a Tweet that has a specific animation-based keyword in it, then animates it according to that word. The cool part about making this was figuring out how to do the animations letter-by-letter. What I do is first render the message in an invisible element and wrap a tag around each letter. That lets me figure out what the coordinates of each letter should be when animating. Have a look..

Check it out! Works in Chrome/Safari only!

Sweet Flash Banners

Seems like Flash has become a dirty word on the web now, but one of the coolest parts of working at Future Shop was working on animated banners for product promotions. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Refresh the page to see the intro animations.

Satellite Radio

This was for the launch of Sirius and XM Satellite radio service in Canada.

XBOX 360 Release

This was for the launch of the XBOX 360.